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Shine In Lapine does not discriminate against race, color, creed or sex. This is an "all adult" event.  We
like to keep it fun for everyone, The staff of Shine In Lapine holds no responsibility for acts of aggression or
criminal acts while event is active. Any such behavior by any party or person, shall be asked to leave or will
be removed from the event and or criminal charges will be filed in accordance with local laws.  Shine In
Lapine. LLC.

                                                 VENDOR   AGREEMENT

 Name of Vendor/Business__________________________

 Contact Person___________________________
 City, State, Zip code_______________________
Telephone Number________________________
E-Mail Address__________________________

Application and Full Payment due by  May 1, 2017 unless otherwise notified by Promotion Director.
To be sure of space, The earlier you send in the Vendor
Agreement, the more likely you will receive the space.  Space is limited.
Make check Payable to:   Marvin Askew     502 Laguna Mill Drive    Ruskin Fl.  33570
Exhibit Booth space shall not be more than 20ft.
Anything over will be considered another space.
Cost per space = $100.00   cost per electrical= ___________
List of items to be sold, manufactured or customized etc:___________________
Set-up Time: starts May 18, 2017 at 8:00am to 8:00pm (prior set up time must be ok’d by management)
Move-Out Time: May 21, 2017   from 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Exhibitors: Are responsible for Health department certificates if applicable and proof of
liability insurance by May 1, 2017 on booth and concession property. (if applicable)
Staffing: All exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booth staffed and secured.

Cleaning: Exhibitors are responsible for a clean and presentable area and trash   
removal.    A Dumpster is on site.
Alcoholic Beverage Exhibitors:   NOT LICENSED TO SELL ON SITE
Vendor Signature____________________________Date:_____________